The world’s longest hairstyle

The world has been celebrating hair trends and new hair products for years, but it’s the modern-day hairstyle that’s the biggest change to look forward to.With our hair now longer and more voluminous, we’ve seen new products that have helped us look more stylish.Here are 10 hairstyles that are still going strong today.1.The Manly Twist


When Rezo Hair Care is No Longer a Thing

Rezo is no longer a brand and, according to its founders, the company has become a “global hair care leader” in its “digital revolution.”But what does this mean for the brand?We spoke to its founder, Sarah Hickey, to find out what that means for hair care and why it’s now a thing of the past.VICE:


When Your Hair Is Still Weird

The days of using a hairbrush to keep your hair in place are long gone, thanks to the latest innovations in technology.In fact, hair-care products are becoming more and more advanced to keep hair looking good.Now, there’s a new trend for keeping hair on your head longer, thanks in part to advances in the technology.The


Why I Love My Haircare Products

I have been using some of my favorite products for the past couple of years.From hair straightening products to hair gel, I have found these products to be amazing for my hair.There are so many great options out there, and I love having choices and choices to choose from.I like having options because I don’t


What to know about sephora shampoo

The world of hair care is littered with brands, and some are worth considering even if they don’t make it to the top of your hair list.There are also tons of smaller brands that are worth exploring if you’re looking to take the next step in your hair care journey.Here’s what you need to know


Why you need to buy your hair straightened out

Kerotin hair products have become increasingly popular over the past decade. They are so popular they have now overtaken the traditional mousse as the most popular choice for hair care.But why should you go for a straightening product that comes in a plastic bag?There are some important factors to consider.Kerotin products are formulated to break down

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