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A hair care expert has slammed a hair care product which claims to make your hair “feel” healthy and shiny after being exposed to the sun.

Key points:A hair care specialist claims a product called neora will boost the shine of your hair in the summertimeWhen the product was tested, it revealed it boosted the shine and healthy feel of the hairIt is currently being marketed as a “health product”, but the company says it is “not a supplement or a supplement for hair care”The hair care website Neora claims to boost the “shine and healthy feeling of your natural hair” by “improving the hydration and nourishment of your scalp”.

“You’ll be able to see the difference in your hair with a touch,” the site says.

“As a result, you’ll be more energised and more confident in the areas of your life you love.”

Neora has been designed to provide a full range of nutrients, vitamins and supplements for the benefit of your body, mind and spirit, for as long as you want.

“However, a hair health expert who has tested the product told the claim is “no science” and claims it does not provide a boost in your health.

Dr Paul Williams, a professor of dermatology at the University of Western Sydney, said the claims are “complete and utter nonsense”.”

The claim that they boost your health and vitality and it is marketed as such, which I don’t buy into at all, it is totally untrue,” he said.”

The ingredients are all there in the package and it’s all natural ingredients and not synthetic.

“They are all natural, so they are not supplements or a product for hair.”‘

You’ll get a little glow’When it comes to the product’s claims, Dr Williams said the company had been “completely and utterly wrong” and he has “been left with no other option”.

“I can’t believe this company has made these claims,” he told News in a phone interview.

“I would not buy it, but if I did, I would still be able get a good dose of vitamins and minerals.”

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence to back up what I’m saying.

“Dr Williams said there were a range of supplements that could help improve the look of the skin, and the claims made about the product seemed to be based on that.”

It does seem like they have taken that out and they have made it about a glow,” he explained.”

What it really comes down to is they have a product that is designed to increase the shine.

“When you put it on you’ll get that little glow and you’ll feel a little bit more energized and you won’t be so tired and stressed.”‘

It’s just a product to boost your energy’When asked about the company’s claims that it is a “supplement”, Dr Williams dismissed the idea as “basically false”.

“It’s a product, it’s a supplement, it doesn’t provide any health benefits,” he stated.

“All you’re getting is a product which makes your hair glow.”

You are not getting any real benefits, so it’s just just a marketing ploy.

“Dr Paul also said it was not surprising the product has been targeted by skin care companies, which have a history of selling products claiming to boost skin health.”

Skin care companies have been known to target these products and they’ve done a lot,” he noted.”

These companies have made claims and it seems like they are now selling these products to people in the community as a health supplement.

“People are buying these products because they think it will improve their health.”

Dr William said there was no way of knowing what percentage of the population actually got the claims, but he said they were “quite a few”.

“There’s no way to know, because it’s not just a question of the general population, it seems to be a small percentage of people,” he concluded.

“This is something which needs to be taken seriously, but there’s a lot to be done to make it less of a marketing gimmick and more of a product people can use.”

Read more:Melbourne hair salon owner says it’s ‘too much hype’ to sell product claiming to make people glowRead moreThe claim was published in the Australian Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

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