When I asked Sally what it was like to find out I was transgender, she said, “Oh, I don’t know. I just felt like it was such a shock.”


Posted June 18, 2018 06:51:13 Sally is a 26-year-old woman living in Washington, DC, who was born female and identifies as a woman.

She was born in Germany but has spent the past year in California, where she had her first child.

Sally’s story has gained national attention and she has since been recognized by a number of organizations and celebrities.

As part of her new book, “My Story: Transitioning to Gender,” Sally talks about the challenges and obstacles that women have faced transitioning from male to female.

In a new interview with HuffPost, Sally talks to HuffPost’s Sam Gindin about what it is like to be transgender and how it has affected her life.

“I had to deal with it from a very young age,” she said.

What’s your background? “

For me it was a really strange time and it was very lonely at times, so it’s kind of strange to be living now and living in this culture and it’s such a different thing.”

What’s your background?

Sally is originally from Germany and came to the U.S. at the age of 15.

She says she came out as trans in Germany when she was 17 and transitioned to living as a girl there.

Her mother and family were supportive.

But, at the same time, she says, it was difficult because people had different ideas of what a trans woman should look like.

What were your experiences growing up?

When I was a kid, I was very scared of being seen as trans and I was constantly bullied because of my gender.

I would be walking through the park and people would see me and say, “Is that a girl?”

And I would have a hard time accepting it because I was still so scared.

I think it’s a really important thing to remember.

What was your first experience with transitioning?

My mom and I moved to Washington, D.C. at a young age, and it just kind of happened.

I remember my mom telling me, “There’s a lot you need to learn about transitioning.”

My mom had just finished her doctorate in psychology and was teaching people how to transition.

She really encouraged me and taught me how to really understand myself and my gender and what was really going on.

How did you feel when you found out you were transgender?

It was really strange because my family was really supportive.

They were like, “You’re not a freak, you’re just a normal girl.”

They were supportive of me and I would feel really good and then my mom would be like, “‘Oh, my God, you have to go to a therapist.'”

What’s the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome?

The biggest obstacle for me was that I had a really hard time coming out as transgender.

I had no idea what to do and I had very low self-esteem, so I was really isolated from my family and friends.

When I found out I had been transitioning, it definitely gave me a lot more support.

What are some of the other obstacles you have faced?

It took me a long time to really be comfortable and feel comfortable being trans.

I was actually living with my parents and I still have no real friends or real family.

I still didn’t know how to be a girl or how to live a real life, so being transgender and living as myself was really hard for me.

I’m kind of surprised how accepting my family is.

They support me and they’re so open and supportive.

What’s been the most rewarding experience in transitioning?

The most rewarding thing about transitioning is knowing that I’m not a total freak, that I have normal hair and clothes and makeup, that my body and my life are really normal.

I’ve found so many really amazing things about being transgender.

That’s been really hard because I feel so alone.

What has your experience been like working with other transgender people?

Being a transgender person is really hard.

When people have a problem, it’s like they’re really trying to fix it.

I feel really bad for them, but I know they’re trying their best to help me, because I’m very grateful to them for that.

I really think it was really great that so many people, especially transgender people, have been supportive and supportive of the book.

What have you learned about transitioning?

Being transgender is so hard, and I think being transgender is a really tough one to get through.

It’s such an important thing for people to understand, because it’s just like the flip side of transitioning.

You have to really figure out how to deal.

I have had so many friends and I know that it’s hard for people

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