How to remove the dye from your hair


When you have long hair, it can be a real challenge to keep the dye off your skin, but there are a few easy ways to remove it.

First, just use a hair dryer.

This method makes it easier to get rid of the dye without damaging your skin.

Use a hair brush to get some of the excess dye off the ends of your hair.

Next, go to a salon and get your hair cut.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to do this on your own.

If you have a friend with you, you can let them cut it for you.

Just be sure to wear a wig and makeup and your hair will stay in place.

You should also make sure to use a salon washcloth.

If it doesn’t have a hole in the middle, you won’t be able to remove all the dye with your hands.

To use a brush to do it, just rub a little of the leftover dye off.

You don’t need to use it constantly, but it’s best to do a few passes at a time.

Next up is to get your eyebrows waxed.

The reason this is a good idea is because the waxes the wax can hold is more likely to stay in the area of the hair that you’ll need to remove.

You can get a wax at most beauty supply stores and it will have the right size and shape to get the job done.

For me, I used a salon wax and it was very effective.

Once the wax is dry, it’s easy to put the wax into a small tube and take it out.

Next you’ll want to get a comb.

You should also use a comb to remove excess dye.

You’re probably going to be working with a lot of hair, so this will make it easier for you to get out of the way.

Use the comb to apply the comb around the hair.

You’ll want the comb so that it can just sit on the hair and not over-and-above it.

Next, apply the product to the scalp and let it sit there for about 20 minutes.

You want to use the product that is on the scalp as much as possible.

You can use a lot more products at once if you want.

For example, you could use the gel from the hair spray.

You could also try using a face wash.

Again, the products you use together are going to get it all out.

If everything is working properly, the dye will just stay off your scalp.

The final step is to wash your hair again.

If all of that went well, you’ll be able take your hair to the dryer and get it into the shape that you like.

That’s it.

Now that your hair is dry and the dye is gone, it will look a lot better.

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