How to avoid the ‘gray hair’ craze


In the past two decades, gray hair, or gray hair that is not blond, has become a staple of fashion and beauty.

But it’s also become a hot topic of conversation and a trend among women.

In an effort to combat this trend, brands are offering haircuts that look different to other women, and to help people who are new to hair care get used to them, hair stylists are also using color and pattern to give their hair its unique look.

Here’s what you need to know about gray hair.

What is gray hair?

A woman who does not have gray hair naturally has a naturally dark, gray or brown hair color.

This type of hair can be natural or chemically treated to look darker, like brown hair.

It is the result of the production of melanin in the scalp and hair follicles, which is produced by the melanocyte cells in the hair follicle.

When a woman’s hair is dyed, it is typically made to look like gray hair to disguise the fact that she is not naturally blonde.

The result of this process is the appearance of a grayish brown, but the pigment is still present in the strands.

In order to look as though the hair is naturally dark brown, the natural color of the hair needs to be dyed with dye and the color of dye used needs to match the natural shade of hair.

For example, a brown-haired woman would need to dye her hair to be brown to match her natural hair color, but a blonde woman would not need to do that.

What makes gray hair unique?

The pigment in the follicles of the scalp is what creates the natural appearance of gray hair for some people.

However, this natural color can also be made to match certain hairstyles and body shapes, and the result is the grey hair that many women wear.

For some people, the gray hair also adds a certain “character” to their hair, as it is darker and less frizzy.

Some women also like that the hair that looks like gray has a different texture and shape.

Other women prefer to use a natural color because they feel that it gives them a sense of style and elegance, while others prefer the appearance that gray hair gives them.

Which hair styles do you like best?

For some women, their hair looks best with a natural gray or black color.

For others, it depends on the person.

Some prefer to opt for darker hair styles, such as brown, because they prefer a natural look and because they don’t like to dye their hair.

Others like to opt more natural colors, such the natural yellow or black, because it adds a bit of glamour and personality.

How do I find a stylist?

There are many different hairstyles that you can choose from, depending on what hair style you like.

Some of these styles require a lot of work to achieve.

You will need to get a stylists license in order to begin using your hair care product.

You can get one online, at a salon, or in a hair salon.

Here are some hair stylist resources you may find useful:!hair-shaving-products-shave-soda-and-pump-andamp;-cream-and/amp;cream-oil-to-make-a-haircut color-haircare-guide  This article was originally published on April 13, 2018.

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