Beauty secrets from the ’90s that won’t blow your mind


By DAVID M. DENTON, Associated Press WriterThe 1990s are remembered for the dot-com boom and the start of the Great Recession.

But the 1990s also saw the emergence of the hair care industry, and many of us remember those days with fondness.

Here are some of our favorite hair care trends and products from the decade: The hair trend: The ’90’s was a time of the great hair trend.

The hair product trend: “It was the golden age of hair,” says David Denton, a hair stylist and author of “The Essential Guide to Hair.”

He adds that “it was a big time for hair products.”

It was also a time when hair care products had to be very, very specific.

“You had to use products that had to have specific properties,” he says.

“I think the most important thing for a stylist is that you use the products that have been tested to be safe and that you’re going to get good results.”

What’s the deal with the hair?

What’s in your hair?

The hair is the outer layer of your skin.

When you shave or wax your hair, you shave it.

Your hair has two parts: your follicles and your roots.

The inner layer of hair is called the scalp.

What makes hair hair?

“The hair follicles are the cells that produce hair,” Denton says.

The most important factor in the hair growth cycle is your diet.

“A lot of it is protein and carbohydrates,” Dickson says.

The protein in your diet helps keep your hair healthy and helps your body make it stronger.

“There are a lot of vitamins that help with hair health, and the ones that you should get are: Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamin B12,” he adds.

If you have a really long, thick hair, Dickson recommends a lotion that’s moisturized.

You also need to avoid high-fructose corn syrup, which causes dry hair.

“It’s a food that can cause damage to hair,” he explains.

And for anyone who’s ever felt the urge to add a little bit of hair product to their regimen, Denton recommends getting a good quality shampoo.

“Just try to get a shampoo that’s not too strong,” he recommends.

How to get your hair looking better?

“A good rule of thumb is that if you’re not getting enough vitamin D, you’re probably not getting the nutrients you need,” he notes.

Some hair products also help reduce shine and color.

A product called Sultry Tender Moisture Tonic is a popular choice for people who want to get their hair soft.

Denton recommends trying the product for at least a week and seeing if it helps.

If you have more time to try a product, he recommends trying to go all out with it.

“This is a product that will give you a really good, very deep, silky, shiny look,” he said.

“And you’ll be able to control the amount of shine and the color that you get.”

How to use hair care: If you don’t have any hair product, use a shampoo or conditioner that has an anti-bacterial and an anti–odor.

“The problem is, you don`t want a lot in there,” Dontons says.

So you use it to shampoo your hair before applying a styling product.

There are also some products that help control the look of your hair.

But don’t overdo it.

If your hair is really thick and thick, you can still use a lot and leave it looking fine.

For more tips on hair care for a fuller face, visit The Essential Guide.

What’s your favorite hair product?

“I think I have to give it to a shampoo,” Denton says.

He also gives his favorite product a thumbs up for having a “really fine texture and very gentle bristles.”

Donton says the best product is one that has a “super-fine consistency and a very gentle texture,” adding that “that is what I love the most about that product.”

“It’s very, like, smooth, but not too soft.

And the fragrance is really unique,” he added.

What to buy: If your favorite products are too strong, you might want to try using a shampoo instead.

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