Why a malibu haircare company’s ‘proper’ shampoo might be the best


For many salon owners in the Los Angeles area, the scent of a shampoo has long been synonymous with quality and the salon experience.

But the scent also carries the risk of damaging the hair’s natural oils. 

The chemical-free shampoo, dubbed Pico de Gallo, has been gaining popularity in recent years as an alternative to the traditional “natural” shampoo and conditioner that has been popular for decades. 

But a study published this week in the journal Nature Biotechnology found that the shampoo has the potential to damage hair’s oils and make it harder to control frizz.

In the study, the scientists measured how much shampoo the hair was exposed to and found that it was damaging to the oils in the scalp and the hair, according to the Scientific American report.

The shampoo’s scent was enough to cause irritation in some people, but the scientists did not see a clear relationship between the smell and damage to the scalp. 

“This study has some significant implications for the use of shampoo,” Dr. Daniel Karp, a dermatologist and research associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, told The Associated Press.

“You have to be careful with your product, especially with a synthetic product.”

Karp and his colleagues said they were studying the effects of Pico De Gallo in people who are already exposed to the chemical-caused damaging effects of the natural shampoo.

People who have been exposed to chemical pollutants for a long time could be at risk of lasting damage to their scalp, he said.

The study also found that Pico was more likely to be harmful to the hair than a typical natural shampoo, which is a less potent form of shampoo that doesn’t contain the chemical. 

If you have had any type of chemical exposure to chemicals in your home, you should avoid using shampoo with a chemical known as Pico, the researchers said.

The study is not an endorsement of the chemical, but Karp and the scientists are hoping the study will encourage other scientists to do more research on the chemical’s health effects.

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