When The Beauty Industry Can’t Handle The Change


By: Anna DolanPosted November 14, 2018 09:06:20The hair industry is in for a tough time in the next few years.

The beauty industry, in the United States at least, is a huge industry.

It is the second-largest in the world after cosmetics.

And it is a tough industry to get into. 

But that’s where Belton Hair Care, a New Jersey based company, comes in.

The company, founded by two college graduates, is now expanding its hair care business.

“When I started this business, I was a teenager, I didn’t even know what a salon was,” Belton co-founder and CEO Kelly Smith told ABC News.

“I never had a salon, so I just thought it was kind of a weird thing to do, so now I’ve found a way to do it.”

Belton’s products are affordable and, in some cases, even offer free haircuts to women with a little bit of extra money.

They are also widely available online, and even to women in their 30s and 40s who do not have the money to go out and spend time with a stylist.

Smith started the company after her mother died and she started thinking about how she could make a difference for women who could not afford a full-time stylist, like Smith.

That’s when she began thinking about creating products that could be used by women of all ages.

“As an entrepreneur, you have to start small,” Smith said.

“I started this company because I knew I could get away with it,” she continued.

“This is the kind of thing that can be done without money.

It’s a small business, and it can be an easy way to give back.”

To do that, Belton is looking to build a social media presence.

The brand also has partnerships with a number of other hair care brands to provide a way for women to share their own stories.

“There’s a lot of women who are really struggling to get a full face of hair that they want, and there’s a few brands that are really focused on doing that,” Smith continued.

Smith said the beauty industry is growing but that the beauty market is also growing rapidly.

“The beauty industry as a whole is just growing, but there’s also a growing number of women out there that are working in this industry.”

Smith said she wants to help women understand the products they can and cannot afford, and that she also wants to give the beauty community an outlet for its struggles.

“We have a lot more opportunities to speak out and advocate and speak out about the issues,” Smith added.

“We are not alone, and we are not going to be alone.

I know there are women out here that are struggling and they can get away and do it themselves.”

She hopes that the brand will provide a platform for women like herself to speak up.

“You have to do your part to help, because if you don’t you don of course won’t,” she said.

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