How to get your hair straightened


A woman who has grown her hair out to a perfect length is a rarity in India.

But with the help of some basic techniques, a hair-straightening routine can be done in minutes.

The technique is known as kabadi, or “blooming”.

Kabadi can be accomplished by brushing your hair twice, once with a soft gel, and then with a heavy brush.

A heavy brush is recommended because it is a bit more difficult to get a good seal and to ensure that the gel stays in place, says Arundhati Ghosh, a professor at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) who is researching kabadis.

“The heavy brush works for a lot of women.

It helps with the gel-seal,” she says.

“Also, the gel can get stuck and if it gets too wet, it may make it more difficult.”

Kabadises, which have a history of being used for hair restoration in India, are a part of the culture in the country.

They have become a popular trend among women in recent years, Ghosh says, because the gel has the ability to keep hair soft and shiny.

The key to kabadsis, Ghoshes adds, is to use a soft, dry gel, as this helps with moisture retention and reduces frizz and other signs of ageing.

To do kabadras, you need to follow the steps outlined in a comprehensive guide written by a doctor at the Indian Institute of Tropical Medicine and Tropical Medicine Research (ITUMMR), who has worked on hair care for nearly two decades.

You need to keep your hair wet, but not too wet.

You also need to comb your hair to ensure the gel does not stick to the scalp, as some women find this difficult.

Once you have achieved the length desired, the next step is to make sure the gel doesn’t get too wet and so the gel keeps the hair soft.

“If the gel gets too dry, the hair becomes frizzy and it can’t stay in place,” Ghosh adds.

“Then you can go for another gel, but a gel that is soft and moist so it won’t get trapped.”

If you have hair that has a little more frizz, the most important thing to do is to wash your hair in cold water, using warm water.

This helps to soften the gel and prevent the gel from sticking.

After washing your hair, you can use a damp towel to brush your hair into a regular ponytail.

If you have a thicker, thicker hair, it’s better to use an electric comb to comb it into a ponytail, which is easier to control and doesn’t cause the gel to stick to your hair.

“But if it doesn’t go into the ponytail easily, you could go for a gel with a higher concentration,” says Ghosh.

After combing your hair using a brush, you are ready to apply the gel.

You use the gel with your finger or by applying the gel over the part of your hair that is going to get straightened, using the finger to push the gel into the part that is straightened.

Then, the cotton bud of the gel will start to grow, and the gel starts to stick.

To get the gel in place and keep it from getting stuck, you have to do it again with a heavier brush.

The most important step in a kabaderisis is to apply gel.

Once the gel is in place on your hair’s surface, you use your fingers or fingers with the tip of your finger to brush it into the hair.

It should look as smooth as a mirror.

Once you have done this, you apply the second gel.

The next step in the kabadaisis, which are a long, slow, gentle process, is the use of a heavy, heavy brush to apply this gel to the hair’s sides.

It’s important that you do this step properly.

“You have to make a careful, deliberate and precise sweep across the sides of the hair, using a light brush,” Ghoshe says.

You must keep the gel on the sides so that it doesn´t get stuck.

“This is also important because if you don´t do this, the hairs won’t be straightened,” she adds.

The process of kabadalisis can take anywhere from two to three hours, depending on the length of the strands and length of your ponytail or head.

The process can take up to three days to finish, depending also on the intensity of the treatment.

But Ghoshs advice is that to get the most benefit, you should do it at least once a day.

“It is important to do this over a period of several weeks,” she stresses.

“I think it can be more effective if done in a shorter period of time.”

Goshes recommends you take a shower every morning after the

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