‘We love my hair’: Heathers salon welcomes ‘sister in heaven’


A new salon is celebrating the new-found popularity of its sister brand, Heathers Hair Care, by offering an array of products that are made with the product in mind.

According to a press release, Heather, the sister brand of the New York-based salon chain, has “opened a new chapter in the industry.”

According to the statement, the new products include a line of natural hair care products made from “the same organic ingredients and natural products used by Heathers” and include a “bio-inspired” line of products.

The new Heathers products include an “All-Natural” line featuring “natural ingredients and organic products that you can trust and rely on for lasting and vibrant results,” according to the press release.

It is not known when the new line of Heathers Products will be available.

According a spokeswoman for the company, Heather is “excited to bring the brand to life with new products that deliver the beauty and health benefits we have been striving for.”

A spokesman for Heathers did not respond to requests for comment.

The announcement of the Heathers Salon opening comes at a time when the global industry is struggling to maintain a foothold.

Last month, The New York Times reported that global growth of cosmetics sales fell 2.3 percent in 2016, and it cited research by the nonprofit, The Nature Conservancy, that said women in the United States spent more than $10 billion on cosmetics in 2016.

According the Times, Heather was “one of the leading brands of the cosmetics industry for the past five years” but is facing competition from a variety of companies, including Cosmo, which has opened a retail store in Manhattan and plans to launch an online retail store later this year.

Cosmo’s spokeswoman, Rachel Levenson, said the new Heather products are part of Cosmo’s “commitment to empowering women to have the beauty, wellness and life they deserve, regardless of their financial circumstances.”

A Cosmo spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the announcement.

A spokeswoman for a New York City-based hair salon, A.J. Styles, said her business had no comment.

A representative for the cosmetics company, Lush Cosmetics, declined to comment on Heathers opening.

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