When will we see more hair care that works?


I’m going to start by explaining why hair care is a bit of a mess right now, and how the next two years will bring a lot of changes to the hair care industry.

Hair care is, after all, an incredibly complex industry.

It’s full of lots of different chemicals and ingredients and so much more. 

And yet, for the most part, hair care has not changed a whole lot over the years. 

We’ve been using a lot more oil for hair care products, using different products for different people, and even using different types of oils and other ingredients to create different products. 

What was once just a single oil and a single chemical now includes many more, many more chemicals, and many more products.

The same goes for a lot other products, like cleansers, shampoo, and conditioners.

It used to be that you could just apply a lotion to your face, and it’d feel good, and you’d never really notice any difference. 

But that was decades ago, and now there are all these other things that people do, and they all need to be formulated differently.

The best way to think about it is that we have a lot less understanding of what works than we did 20 years ago.

We still know what oils are good for us, we know what ingredients work best for us. 

The fact that we are in this mess now is just another reason why hair and beauty products are going to be even more complex and varied in the future.

So what are we doing to fix it?

We have a few things that are starting to make a difference.1. 

Lack of consistencyA lot of people assume that consistency in hair care comes from the products.

That’s not true. 

You can buy the same product in a store and it will still be the same thing.

But consistency is often a result of a lot, many different things happening simultaneously. 

Sometimes, we just have a formula that works best for a particular product, but if you buy another one, it will also work better for you. 

For example, if you want to get the perfect conditioner for your hair, you may want to buy the perfect shampoo.

The one you’re most likely to want is the one you’ve been applying before. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that consistency can change based on the environment you live in, how your body reacts to it, and other factors. 


Troubleshoot problems and problemsome ingredientsA lot is happening in the hair and makeup industry that is not going to make sense if you don’t have the knowledge and experience to know what’s going on. 

Some of these issues, like using a higher concentration of ingredients to get results, are a result of the industry being more open and transparent about their products and ingredients. 

Others are due to the fact that the industry is becoming more efficient, and more flexible. 


New and emerging technologiesSome of the things that have happened in hair and cosmetic products in the last 20 years include the introduction of a wide range of different products, and the use of a number of new and innovative technologies. 

There is a whole spectrum of things going on in hair products right now that is completely beyond my comprehension, and so I think we should keep an eye on these things and make sure we’re taking these things into account.

For example, when a new technology is invented that can do something completely different, or that might not be as easy to use as a traditional shampoo, we need to make sure that we know the difference.

There’s also the fact, and this is going to sound crazy, but the amount of time we spend in the lab to perfect a product has gone way down. 

That’s because we’re all really focused on our products right here in front of us, and we can’t keep track of all the different things going in the laboratory, so we have to go back and work backwards.4. 

Technology being used more oftenWhen you look at the hair of someone who’s using the new technology that’s being used, you see more and more things like this: You see it everywhere, including on the back of the bottle, in the instructions, in some of the products, even on the packaging. 

So what we need is a system in which we’re able to see all the things going and see what’s happening in our bodies and our bodies being influenced by our environment.

That should be part of the system we use for hair and cosmetics, as well. 

These are just some of many of the many things that I think need to change if we’re going to get rid of this mess and make the hair, makeup, and skin care industry more efficient and flexible.

What are your thoughts?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below! 

And as always, if I’ve made any mistakes or have anything I’ve

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