How to keep your hair shiny and soft


By Laura GazziThe skin’s ability to retain water, which is vital for the skin’s natural oils and protective properties, depends on the pH levels of the environment and the body.

A pH level of 7.0 or above indicates that the skin is sufficiently alkaline to retain the water that the body needs to maintain the healthy pH balance.

As a result, when the skin becomes alkaline, it becomes too dry.

If this happens, the pH of the skin changes from neutral to acidic.

It can also become acidic because of excess humidity.

The body then needs to compensate by creating more water by taking in extra water from the air, which leads to a further increase in the pH level.

This is what happens when you’re exposed to too much humidity, as you can see in the video below.

In the case of dry hair, this means the hair needs to be cut and re-grown.

When this happens and the pH is too high, the hair may be lost to time and the condition is not suitable for use.

But if the pH remains at a pH of 7 or above, hair is able to stay shiny and healthy, as the skin will be able to take in water.

The hair can also retain moisture because of the addition of moisture from the scalp, and this helps prevent the hair from drying out.

When it comes to keeping hair healthy, it is important to not only control the pH, but also the skin.

Hair needs to stay dry and shiny to retain its natural oils, as well as protect the hair’s cells and hair follicles from damage.

To do this, a pH level needs to reach at least 7.5 or above.

The more acidic the pH in the hair, the greater the chances of the hair losing its protective properties.

In other words, the higher the pH value, the less likely it is to be damaged.

This is why it is also important to maintain a healthy balance of pH levels throughout the day.

The higher the value, then the more moisture your hair will need to get.

Therefore, if you are looking for a way to maintain hair pH levels in the salon, it’s important to keep the pH as low as possible and keep the water levels to a minimum.

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