‘I can’t imagine my life without my poodle’ – pet groomer explains why he still keeps her


By Michelle C. Scott (CNN) The story of how my family adopted and cared for a poodle has touched hearts around the world, and it has given me a new lease on life.

I can’t, for one thing, imagine my day without my pup.

When my parents moved to a small town in upstate New York, we adopted a poodles older brother named Buddy, who had been a little more timid than we expected.

Buddy was the first dog we adopted from a shelter in New York state, and he’s one of the few we still keep.

The day we got Buddy home, we gave him a bath and started him on his first coat.

When we got him home, I was the only one on the porch, and I looked out the window to see my dad.

I thought, Well, this is going to be really hard for me to walk and sit on, so I’m going to try to make it easier on him by wearing my pajamas and just keeping him close to me.

The moment my dad stepped out of the shower, Buddy was in my arms, his tail wagging, his ears wagging.

I told my mom, Buddy is going back to being a normal puppy, and she nodded in agreement.

He’s a pretty quiet dog, and even though he was shy when we first adopted him, he’s become very social since then.

We’ve gotten along very well, he doesn’t get into fights or fights with other dogs, and we even share the house with him.

We haven’t had any problems with him at all, so we’re really excited about his new life.

It was just a little before he was big enough to go into the crate, but when I came out of it he was so happy.

My mom says he has always been such a big boy, but she says now that he’s so small he doesn, too.

He’s a bit big, but he’s really small, and just like my mom said, it’s not a big deal.

It’s just a matter of time before he’s ready for his own home.

For years, I didn’t think of Buddy as a puppy, but I thought it was a bit funny when my dad and my mom would bring him home from the shelter and they’d bring him along on the couch, so that I could watch the TV.

We also got him a little bit of a collar when he was a little boy.

Buddy loves to play with it, and when we got it he really loved it, too, and the next thing I knew, he was with us all the time.

He still loves to jump around on the sofa, and that’s something I love to do.

We even have a video of him playing on the beach, and now I think it’s his favourite thing to do when he’s on the sand.

Buddy is also very, very social, and is always playing, and playing, playing, so now he’s been in a lot of other places, too – even with people.

He loves the whole family, and my parents are the best.

They have such a warm and loving home and love their dog so much.

So when I first saw my dad’s pictures on Facebook, I just wanted to hug him, and tell him I loved him so much and he was my hero.

After I got Buddy and started the first coat, we put a lot more love into it, but we still didn’t have enough space for him, so he ended up sitting in the crate for about two weeks.

I was so excited when he came home.

I didn´t know how to take care of him.

He had a really hard time being able to sit down and go to sleep and eat, and then he would have trouble sleeping.

He just wasn’t right.

So, I thought we should give him a crate, so maybe he wouldn’t be so difficult to take off.

And then, after a few weeks of working with him in the cage, I realized that there were other places he could go.

That’s when we started looking at puppy boarding programs.

We were so excited about the idea, and after a couple of months we were ready to move him to a puppy house, because that was where he could be with people and we could be a family.

And so, we started to look at puppy houses.

When I first went into the puppy house program, my dad told me that I had to bring Buddy along for the first few weeks.

So we started with a house in the city, and they were pretty small.

I remember that Buddy was very small and didn’t get anywhere near a full crate.

My dad told us to keep him in one room so we could give him the most comfortable place to sleep, and Buddy was

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